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Hello Receiver Media Readers,
        Today we're going to share our recent watched film Jango. This film was written and directed by Mano Karthikeyan and produced by C.V. Kumar from the production house Thirukkumar Entertainment. This film Tamil nadu theatrical release by Sakthi film factory.

        This Jango film is First "Time Loop Sci-fi Movie" in Indian cinema. Lead roles by Sathish Kumar and Mirnalini Ravi. Antagonist role by Hareesh peradi. Supporting roles by Karunakaran, Anitha Sampath, Daniel Annie Pope, Ramesh Thilak, Nakkalites Dhanam, Cook with Comali 2 Deepa.

        Jango in Tamil cinema a good attempt by this time. In C.V. Kumar's Productions always supports new kind of movie concepts from Indru Nettru Naalai, Maayavan and this time is Jango. Tamil audience getting engaged with this movie. Screenplay written by this concept is so difficult to manipulate to actors first. Director Mano Karthikeyan and their Team did very well. 

    A single day happening over and over the time. This is the concept but every single time something added over to the scene to be a more curious. DOP is extraordinary work by Karthik K Thillai. Background score and Songs were awesome work by Ghibran. The concept is there is a day Happening over and over again till 12 am. After that the day reset. 

    Hero Gautham is Neural Surgeon and Heroine is News reporter and Host. There is break after their marriage. One day they met and something happening fuzzy. Gautham connect those points and solve the problem is rest of the story. overall the experience is good. More than a Love story we expect more about asteroid and the alien device in the factor sci-fi.

    Any how we encourage this kind of attempt in tamil cinema to evolve cinema and and their fans too.

Our Rating 3.9 out of 5 
    Best wishes to the JANGO Tamil Movie Team.

-Receiver Media📞
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