Sree Akshyam Sweets and Bakers in Velachery - Review


Hello All to our dear visitors!!

Yesterday our Receiver Team visited Akshayam sweets in velachery. we went just for taste some sweets and we have some work nearby areas. so we decided to stay sometime there. we have a chance to explore those products of akshayam. 

First we tried to taste a small size Jangiri. it was a very tasty sweet and perfection of making. first we ordered a 100g only for a tasting. then we again ordered 150g of jangiri. The taste of jangiri is excellent and we bought a murukku. This murukku taste is good but it contains more oil on that surface. otherwise packaging and serving is good. 

Our suggestion is billing and  payment process need to be betterment because billing process is one place and payment process is in another place. so single purchase also takes more time. so many variety of sweets and bakery items available and restroom facility s good and well maintained. dustbins are need to be care at that our team visited dustbins are not opened to use. more over well maintained and cleanliness environment. The ambience is so pretty even in the nearby of road bringing such a calm and composed environments. Quality of sweets is better one. 

Our Receiver Team wishes to grow more and serve more sweets with Joy  😍

If you think about to visiting!! Just click here

-Receiver Team 📞

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