Difference between Savings and Investing

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    A long back to see you here. Every persons has the questions related to Savings and Investing. In these modern days have many modern solutions. But most of the persons are trapped financially in terms of debts, loans, credit card payments, EMI and so on. Today's digital world so much of opportunities there for spend our money and same as like so many options to save and invest our money.

    First and foremost we need to know the difference between savings and investing.


    Savings is the method of save our money for our future. Traditional methods of savings are Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposits with 5% to 7% of Interest maximum returns. In India there is some cooperative banks giving higher interest. But this is not a big returns when compared to our country's inflation rate. In some other small finance banks gives high interest rates. In Post office some high returns scheme available. these are all the savings method to put our money to grow our wealth. This is a non risky method of saving. by the way no high return in this case.


    Investing is the process of multiplying your money with your investment ideas and methods. There are lots of investment methods available in these days. Investment is just put your money with some strategies in particular method and it will get a extensive return. 

The popular methods of Investing are

                                        * Stock Market Investing
                                        * Mutual Funds


        Stock Market Investing

        In stock market investing, There is a different methods of investing in this area. Trading, Investing, Futures and Option, IPO. we are just here to say the definition to you understand the topic of investing. Long term investing in the particular stocks will give you a unimaginable returns to you. power of compounding will helps you to grow your wealth. Patience is the important factors to be consider in this method of investing. You can buy a stock with your money via many trading and investing application. nowadays its a simple process to enroll with it.

    If you want to invest in stock market. you need a DMAT Account. DMAT account can provided by various trading platform and various stock broker available there. Angel OneUpstox, Zerodha, Groww like these various stock broker provides easy d-mat account opening process. If you have a Aadhar Card and PAN Card you can open a DMAT Account with these above online stock broking platforms.

    Before you are going to invest in stock market. You should aware about, How to analyze the companies with fundamental analysis and technical analysis. In Web, we have many sources to get insights like Moneycontrol, Investing.com 

More about Stock Investing. Have a look on YouTube. We prefer a CA Rachana Ranade YouTube Channel Click here to Know 

Mutual Funds

    Mutual funds are Asset management companies were invest the stocks are doing well with our money. we can invest with lumpsum amount of money and SIP too. Mutual funds have a different schemes. we should go through before we are going to invest. In Mutual funds, Our scheme value is depends on NAV which means Net Asset Value. If the fund value get increased our net asset value is determined. This is the low risk investment for long term.

    In Mutual Funds, we have two options. One Lumpsum method. We can invest with huge amount of money with a fund. more than Fixed Deposits it will give a good returns. purely by your own risk and analysis about mutual fund. choose wisely by performance of the fund and expense ratio of the mutual funds. 

    In Mutual funds, Expense ratio is the annual fees, fund charges you to manage your money. You are not required to pay it explicitly but it is deducted from the NAV on a daily basis. So if you have invested 10000 and expense ratio is 2%, you would have paid rupees 200 as fees to invest in mutual funds.

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