Doodle 4 Google India's Winner Shlok Muherjee


Google announced the winners of the 2022 Doodle for Google competition on Monday. This year, his Shlok Mukherjee from Kolkata has been declared the winner of India for his inspirational doodle 'India on the center stage'. Shlok's doodle will also be posted on his on Monday, November 14th.

Shlok shared a graffiti stating, "In the next 25 years, in my India, scientists will develop their own eco-friendly robots for the benefit of mankind. India will develop intergalactic robots from Earth to space." sail regularly. India will continue to evolve and become stronger in yoga and Ayurveda.

This year's competition includes: "The jury for the next 25 years will include actress, filmmaker, producer and television personality Neena Gupta; Tinkle Comics editor-in-chief Kuriakose Vaisian; YouTube creator Slayypoint; Joined by Entrepreneur Alika Bhat,k and the Google Doodle Team.
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